We are now ICON. APSMA has turned the page on an exciting new chapter. The influence, collaboration and opportunity network for B2B markets professionals.

You, our members, have evolved, as have the organisations for whom you work and the markets in which you operate. It's only fitting then that APSMA evolved too.

The APSMA Board with the support of a group of Chief Marketing Officers, advisors and consultants engaged in a brand planning and stakeholder engagement process so that the story which is ultimately taken to market is well- considered, robust in its form and function and which charts a positive future for the association and delivers real value to you, our members.

Our story so far

1993 Launches as the Australian Legal Marketing Association (ALMA), primarily to address the challenges that marketers in Australian legal firms faced working under a partnership model. In the years following, legal marketers started to connect the dots with marketers in other professional services businesses.

2002 APSMA extends its membership to organisations outside the legal profession with marketers across professional services coming together to discuss common issues and to share ideas.

2005 The true role of a “marketer” now broadens across into business development, which APSMA recognizes and reshape its value proposition to cater for this broader membership base.

2006 onwards APSMA goes to Asia and becomes the Australasian Professional Services Marketing Association.

After almost a quarter of a century, our members’ job titles have evolved and diversified to cover business development and sales; communications and public relations; client insights and experience, customer service and innovation. Today, our members have diverse yet convergent skills and backgrounds.

In 2017, we are different, yet our core remains the same. We come to ICON to find our tribe - a network of like-minded people, market intelligence, solution-focused strategies and of course, inspiration and motivation.

To truly understand what this association means to our members we spoke to our senior stakeholders.

Compelled to change

It’s no secret that the world has changed and keeps changing. Just the fact that professional services marketers are now salespeople, business development professionals, communicators, bid specialists told us a lot about why APSMA needed to change.

As part of the brand exploration process, we discussed this with senior members of the profession, and it was clear they felt the same.

What did the CMOs say about a change for APSMA?

  • Be more relevant – cater for the diversity of today’s markets professionals
  • Look outside – seek to involve and learn from others in different markets,
  • Teach us new skills and bring us new resources – data and information sources are overwhelming, help us to identify what we need and what is of value

  • Help our people be more valuable and more respected within their firms
  • Help us to take our businesses further in a world of rapid change and disruption

These are compelling reasons to refresh, to rethink and renew.

With our rebrand and refocus, we wanted to write a new chapter for the association which is much more relevant, more engaging, more sustainable and of course play a more valuable role for our members.

Our new identity

We consulted with members; we talked with chief marketing officers, we consulted with branding experts and we gathered the thoughts and inspiration from our terrific Regional Committees. We found our new identity.

Our purpose

In a world which is constantly expanding with opportunity and information…

We connect the experience of our community to generate impact

Our actions

By connecting in person and through the latest technology – sharing applied skills, offering learning based on experience and opening ourselves to the expertise of other disciplines…

We create an influential contribution to our members' career

Our tone

With a focus on capability, energy, flexibility and generosity…

We are agile, credible and social

Our inspiration

Reflecting brands which communicate value and benefit, vibrancy and a consumer connection…

We are colourful, fluid but consistent and meaningful

Our community

Celebrating achievement, influence, experience and connectivity…

We stand on the shoulders of giants

Our values

At ICON we encourage members to develop personally and professionally through offering mentorships, training and development, scholarship and tuition programs.

ICON provides our members with opportunities to gain knowledge, skills and relationships which support career and personal development. 

Our brilliance

Showcasing our most valuable resource, our members…

We bring our brilliance to life as Connected Thinking.

We are the influence, collaboration and opportunity network for B2B markets professionals. We are ICON.

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