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Welcome to ICON

Welcome to ICON, a new direction and a new brand

June 2017

You’ve heard about the impending new brand and new name for APSMA. And you’ve read about the strategic imperatives for doing it. Well, the suspense is over. All of the member feedback, the focus group workshops, the stakeholder consultations, the strategy discussions and the creative process have all led us to today. On behalf of the APSMA Board, I am delighted to present to you - ICON - your network for B2B Professionals. Because the world has changed. You, our members, are changing. You’ve told us you need and want more. And we’ve responded.

What’s in the name?

We are ICON, because it’s a powerful and evocative name that encapsulates our brand values and sets a high benchmark for everything we want to achieve and represent, whilst the words that form the acronym – Influence, Collaboration, Opportunity and Network – perfectly encapsulate the benefits of the association.

Our brand story

We connect the experience of our B2B professionals with opportunities to grow the businesses they work for and lead. Everything we do has the sole purpose of contributing positively to our members’ careers and professional growth. Our community continues to evolve – from professional services marketers to a wider range of B2B professionals – drawing inspiration for best practice and bright ideas across industries.

As a highly engaged community of inspired people, we create an atmosphere that is agile, credible and social. People come to us to seek inspiration and insightful solutions, to feel empowered and to be involved. We let our members stand on the shoulders of giants, connecting them with the thinking of recognised industry thought leaders.

It’s a belief we call ‘combined impact’ and makes us the pre-eminent association in our industries.

Our new identity

The impact individual members can create comes from the strength of our community and being able to connect with the experience of all our members. The ideas of community, connected thinking and collaboration to generate impact drive the thinking behind our logo and brand.

The look and feel of our brand is creative, friendly and dynamic, expressing the feeling of collaboration, and community interaction. Our logo is based on the two shapes of the lower case "I", the combination of which reinforces the idea of sharing, collaboration, connections, support and the gathering of people.

Our new visual identity allows us the flexibility to represent the ICON brand in new and exciting ways, with expressive patterns, imagery and type as well as creating unique applications across digital, social and print.

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