Anna Crameri

General Manager: Planning & Development - RPS

Anna Crameri is the right hand to the Executive General Manager in leading 400 urban and landscape designers, economists, planners, and land surveyors.

Crameri has 15 years of experience operating and promoting technical consulting firms in Australia, Canada, and the UK.

As General Manager at RPS, Crameri’s focus is on finding new ways of thinking that will win projects and excite prospective clients.

Crameri is currently studying a Masters in Transport at Monash University, and currently sits on the Board of University College, part of the University of Melbourne. Cramer’s specialities lie in preparing strategic, client or marketing plans that involve new ways of working, including how businesses can create impact, inspire people, and how to achieve these goals.

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Recent ICON Events

ICON XQ Market Leadership Australia & New Zealand Conference (2018)

Crameri was one of the keynote speakers at the hugely successful 2018 Market Leadership Conference. She discussed preparing strategic, client or marketing plans that involve new ways of working. In this talk, she gave new perspectives on how they work that gave business professionals an opportunity to reconsider their current ways of working and thinking. Her talk considered the impact that you can make on those around you and the way that you are able to aid them and inspire them. Her talk also gave audiences the tools that they needed in order to achieve these goals.

APSMA Next Step Program Victoria (2016)

Crameri spoke about the importance of business writing skills and provided audiences with the practical tools and techniques needed to advance their writing skills. This helped participants maximise their efficiency in producing documents. This talk also dealt with knowing your audience and purpose, structuring correspondence for action, common business communications, clear writing for effective expression and editing.

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