1 June, Hyatt Regency Hotel Kowloon, Hong Kong
12:00 pm – 6:00 pm (followed by cocktails)

With over 200 people attending next week's Asia conference, tickets are running out fast!

2 plenary sessions – 6 espresso learning workshops – 1 cocktail party. To avoid disappointment, book your place now!

Sandwiched between 6 practical workshops, our two panel sessions will certainly be lively, sometimes controversial and definitely thought provoking. For more details, read on…

Panel 1: Understanding and applying design thinking

In this interactive panel session you will hear from panellists on how important client knowledge, technology, process and culture are in developing targeted business development and marketing activities.  You will be able to benchmark your firm’s performance via polls conducted throughout the session and learn simple tips on how to take a design thinking approach back to your office!


Graham Seldon, Co-Founder, Seldon Rosser 


Ada Yuen, Design Research Consultant, CoolGranite

Nelson McKey, Fintech Solutions Director, Sun Life Financial

Nic Tinworth, UX & Digital Creative Director

Steven Lau, Director of Holistic Customer Experience, ASANA 

Panel 2:  Keeping up with the disruptors 

Disruption is everywhere. How can we keep up with the current rate of change in the market, or even stay ahead of the curve? Hear from our panel of speakers on how they are approaching this challenge within their respective industries, and the steps they are taking to prepare for the business demands of the future.


Dan Healy, Head of Business Development, CBRE


Belle Morton, Director & Customer Advisory Lead, KPMG

Melissa Brown, Head of Global Marketing, Telstra

Titus Rahiri, Founder & Consultant, KorumLegal

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Cocktail Reception Only: $350 HKD|$60 AUD

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ICON Melbourne Forum 2017


You've asked and we've listened. 

ICON Victoria are excited to announce the launch of the inaugural ICON Melbourne Forum – our very own one day learning, development and networking forum, providing access to special guest speakers and presenters.

Event Details:

Date: Thursday, 15 June 2017
Location: Herbert Smith Freehills, Level 42 101 Collins St Melbourne

Cocktail party to follow 

Be first in line for program announcements and special offers.

Register your interest now.

ICON thanks Melbourne Forum sponsors:


We are compelled to turn the page…

You’ve most likely heard by now that APSMA is turning the page on a new chapter.

We started in 1993 and we’ve come a long way in 24 years but we are focused on the future.

It’s a future which looks bright… with a fresh look and new name on the way. But before we get to that, we are taking members on a journey.

Over the last six months, the APSMA Board with the support of a group of Chief Marketing Officer advisors and consultants have been engaged in a brand planning and stakeholder engagement process so that the story which is ultimately taken to market is well-considered, robust in its form and function and which charts a positive future for the association and delivers real value to you, our members.

In our last “a new chapter” email we spoke of APSMA’s backstory, from 1993 to now.

Today, we’re going to explain “the why”… the key reasons WHY we are rebranding and why you can be excited about the change…

It’s no secret that the world has changed and keeps changing. Just the fact that professional services marketers are now sales people, business development professionals, communicators, bid specialists tell us a lot about why APSMA needs to change.

Our audience – YOU – have changed. You have different skillsets today than you did two decades ago, and you have different professional development needs and seek broader networks.

As part of the brand exploration process, we discussed this with senior members of the profession, and it was clear they felt the same.

What do the CMOs say about a change for APSMA…?

  • Be more relevant – cater for the diversity of today’s markets professionals – age, background, location, experience… 

  • Look outside – seek to involve and learn from others in different markets, perhaps banking, financial services, insurance and the many other B2B markets; and allow these markets to learn from our talent pool also 

  • Teach us new skills and bring us new resources – data and information sources are overwhelming, help us to identify what we need and what is of value

  • Help our people be more valuable and more respected within their firms 

  • Help us to take our businesses further in a world of rapid change and disruption

These are compelling reasons to refresh, to rethink and renew.

In many areas of APSMA, some of this has been starting to happen organically. For example, the Shanghai chapter is finding B2B services organisations are now regularly attending APSMA events and engaging in online discussions. And, there are growing conversations on social media about the big things affecting us day-to-day.

But, with our rebrand and refocus, we will accelerate this engagement and in doing so write a new chapter for the association which is much more relevant, more engaging, more sustainable and of course play a more valuable role for our members.

Please stay tuned and look out for more insights in the next chapter…


Have you heard the news?

APSMA is turning the page on an exciting new chapter.

You, our members, have evolved, as have the organisations for whom you work and the markets in which you operate. It's only fitting then that APSMA evolves with you.

Later this year, APSMA will usher in a new name and visual identity. You will soon see a new brand - with a new message and value proposition - which more accurately reflects who we are, what we do, and the network of professionals we serve across five countries.

Over the last six months, the APSMA Board with the support of a group of Chief Marketing Officer advisors and consultants have been engaged in a brand planning and stakeholder engagement process so that the story which is ultimately taken to market is well-considered, robust in its form and function and which charts a positive future for the association and delivers real value to you, our members.

But, as with any new chapter, there is a backstory...

This is the first in a series of emails to members explaining the path to the new brand and visual identity...

Here's the APSMA Story so far...

1993     Launches as the Australian Legal Marketing Association (ALMA), primarily to address the challenges that marketers in Australian legal firms faced working under a partnership model.

In the years following, legal marketers started to connect the dots with marketers in other professional services businesses. 

2001     ALMA becomes the Australian Professional Services Marketing Association (APSMA)

Still very much the association for marketers working in the legal profession, the appeal of an Association like APSMA began to extend beyond engineering, with marketers seeking inspiration on how to help their organisation build stronger client relationships, win more work, build profile and be competitive.

2002     APSMA extends its membership to organisations outside the legal profession with marketers inside accounting, engineering, architectural and consultancy companies all coming together to discuss common issues and to share ideas.

2005     The true role of a “marketer” now broadens across into business development, which APSMA recognizes and reshape its value proposition to cater for this broader membership base.

2006 onwards     APSMA goes to Asia and becomes the Australasian Professional Services Marketing Association

With the rapid expansion of professional services organisations in Asia, APSMA evolved again to become Asia-Pacific Professional Services Marketing Association by welcoming members through new chapters in Hong Kong, Singapore and later, Shanghai.

A common theme across the years has been the evolution of job titles in professional services. In 1993 when our association began the founders were all marketers.

Now, almost a quarter of a century later, our members’ job titles have evolved and diversified to cover business development and sales; communications and public relations; client insights and experience, customer service and innovation.  Today, our members have diverse yet convergent skills and backgrounds.

In 2017, we are different, yet our core remains the same. We come to APSMA to find our tribe - a network of like-minded people, market intelligence, solution-focused strategies and of course, inspiration and motivation.

To truly understand what this association means to our members we spoke to our senior stakeholders. Find out what they said in next week’s snapshot. 

Announcing the first conference dedicated to 
bid and proposal professionals in the 
Asia-Pacific region

Following APSMA’s recently-announced alliance with the Association for Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) Australia and New Zealand Chapter we are pleased to be able to offer reciprocal benefits to APSMA members, including access to APMP member-only events on the same terms as APSMA events.

First, though, we’d like to tell you a bit more about the upcoming APMP ANZ conference.

Announcing the first conference dedicated to bid and proposal professionals in the Asia-Pacific region

APMP is in the final stages of planning the APMP Asia-Pacific Conference at the Melbourne Marriott on Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 March 2016.

Registrations have opened and APSMA members can take advantage of APMP member rates, including an ‘early bird’ discount – but only until 31 January 2016.

If you’re wondering what sessions are on offer, we are excited to be able to give APSMA members a sneak peek into our conference program!

You will see presenters from Australia, UK, South Africa, Hong Kong and the USA, including Shipley, Bid Write, KPMG, SAP, Jones Lang Lasalle, Anecdote and many others.

Here’s a first taste of some of the topics on the program:

  • The Art of Successful Capture (Pursuit) Management
  • Keep your Change Momentum
  • Making Design a Discriminator
  • Price to Win
  • Create a Theme to Bring Your Story to Life
  • Where is the Edge in Proposal Innovation?
  • Understanding Procurement
  • Achieving Winning Outcomes by Effectively Managing Your Bid Team.

We will welcome Dr Tom Sant as the keynote speaker on day 1, ‘the world's foremost authority on winning sales proposals’ according to the American Management Association and one of Selling Power Magazine’s' ‘top ten sales trainers in the world’. He is also the author of the best-selling Persuasive Business Proposals, which was named one of the ‘seven best sales books of all time’ by Geoffrey James of Inc. sales blog, ‘Sales Source’.

We will also shortly announce our keynote speaker for day 2 who has made some significant achievements in the world of sport.

Please use the APSMA special code 11619131 when registering

Join us for more events and networking opportunities in 2016!

In 2016, APMP’s webinar program will include a broad range of topics, all carefully chosen to build your knowledge and increase your effectiveness across the bid management process. Presenters are proposal leaders and subject matter experts located here in Australia and globally.

Some of the topics already locked in for 2016 are:

  • The Excellent Executive Summary
  • 7 Effective Ways To Use Infographics
  • APMP Certification – Make It Work For You
  • Presentation Design For Non-Designers
  • Business Coaching Insights
  • Why All The Documents – Why Is Tendering So Hard?

Watch this space for registration details for these events, as well as dates for networking drinks in your nearest capital city.

For more information on APMP you can visit the ANZ Chapter website www.apmpanz.org and connect on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/groups/2682371.

Matt Lovegrove
Contact Matt


Natalie Murray
Conference Team Leader
Contact Natalie



New president's address

I’m incredibly excited to be taking over the reins from Dale at what is, unquestionably, a great time to be a part of the association. I’d just like to take a few minutes to talk a little bit about the kinds of things you can expect from APSMA, how APSMA will be reframing our own future through our engagement with you, our members, in shaping the Association’s agenda over the next few years.

With the significantly improved Membership engagement and financial platform established by Dale Bryce and the Board over the last two years, we will be taking a strong focus on the three core drivers of Member engagement:

Supporting the development of Member’s knowledge and skills

Keeping Members abreast of developments and issues impacting your field

Building Members profile and standing in the industry

So how are we going to do this?

Firstly, we will focus on the opportunities:

i.            You’ve told us you want more quality L&D programs for Members, including:

            • Deeper, more practical learning in the form of Masterclasses;
            • Your teams value the Coaching and Mentoring programs piloted in Victoria and expanded into Queensland and NSW and we will further expand these into other chapters across Asia Pacific;
            • We will continue to strengthen the ever increasingly successful Australia & NZ and Asia annual conferences;
            • We will continue to invest in the ‘up and come’ rising stars of industry;
            • Last but not least, we will be exploring the feasibility of a CPD qualification for the industry, a potential game changer for the Association.

ii.            We will also be looking at further opportunities for geographic expansion in Mainland China (we have just started in Shanghai and the Shanghai chapter is insistent we need to be present in Beijing) and we will also explore of the feasibility of entering into brand new markets over the next 2-5 years such as India and Indonesia

Secondly, we will ensure we exercise appropriate diligence on our challenges and risks:

i.            We cannot afford to take our eye off the ball of our high performing Chapters across Asia Pacific and we need to ensure they continue to build, develop and enhance their Member value propositions

ii.            Nor can we expose ourselves, as a not-for-profit, to excessive risks in the overseas markets we plan to explore developing

Thirdly, and finally, we intend to enable this investment by optimizing existing income channels and identifying new sources of income 

Alex Grell

APSMA APMP anz Alliance

APSMA is delighted to announce a new alliance with the Association of Proposal Management Professionals Australia and New Zealand (APMP ANZ) chapter. In a move designed to increase the value each association brings to its members, the alliance will see APSMA members accessing APMP member benefits on a reciprocal basis.

Announcing the alliance at last week’s ‘Reframe the Future’ 2015 APSMA Conference, incoming APSMA President Alex Grell said “It just makes sense. Our organisations exist to promote the roles our members play driving growth in their organisations, and to provide professional development and engagement networks. Now, APSMA and APMP members will have a range of new networking and development opportunities available to them.”

APMP ANZ Chair Nigel Dennis added “While on the surface it might appear our two organisations compete, the reality is that while we ‘swim in the same pool’, we have swum at different ends. Through this relationship, we see APSMA providing APMP members with a better understanding of professional services marketing, and APMP providing a more focused insight into bid management and business development. It’s truly a ‘win / win’.”

The alliance will see each association offering the other’s members access to a range of member benefits on the same terms as it does its own. The four areas the alliance focuses on are:

1. Networking and learning events

2. Professional certification

3. Content ‘exchange’

4. Future conference alignment

APSMA members will shortly receive a separate email about the alliance, including details of an initial offer to encourage you to immediately take advantage of the APMP APSMA alliance.


APMP is the worldwide authority for professionals dedicated to the process of winning business.

Founded in 1989 in response to the need for leading industry education, collaboration, and networking opportunities, APMP is recognized as the premier provider of industry resources and best practices. Based in Washington, DC, USA, APMP represents a multibillion-dollar industry responsible for increasing the bottom line and improving business processes for their organizations. Today, APMP has more than 6,000 members across 26 chapters around the world.

The APMP ANZ Chapter was formed in late 2008 and is dedicated, in particular, to increasing recognition in this region of the value of professional proposal development. The Chapter is very active and is currently experiencing strong growth, with particular interest from many corporations - the ANZ Chapter is the fourth largest chapter in the world (by member numbers), and was the fastest growing chapter in 2014.

For more information on APMP ANZ please contact:

Matt Lovegrove
Vice Chair ANZ Chapter

T: +61 411 103 103

E: mattlovegrove@gmail.com

Best regards

Alex Grell President    

President's Address

APSMA is now a healthy, vibrant and sustainable Association focussed on the provision of a professional development and engagement network for sales, business development, marketing and communications practitioners working for the leading professional services firms in the Asia Pacific.

Our sustainability has not always been assured. We have now come through the darkness and into the light following a period of greater external focus, efficiency and effectiveness.  And I thank all our stakeholders for their valued and ongoing contribution to APSMA.

During the last two years I have had the privilege of being President of APSMA. I will be standing down at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting, and so it is a good time to take stock of our recent journey together.

It is clear we now have the ability to be more forward looking, with a strategic plan at hand and an engaged Board, General Manager, regional committees, members and other key stakeholders. We have invested the goodwill that exists for APSMA and rejuvenated the Association generally, and in particular relaunched in New Zealand, launched in Canberra and fostered ongoing growth in Asia. We are about to launch in Shanghai (stay tuned!) and have implemented operational excellence through the outsourcing of our administration.

A solid succession plan exists, grounded in diversity, and I am confident the next President of APSMA, with the support of the Board, will do more and go further.

This increased enthusiasm, vigour and elan will be on show for all to see at our forthcoming APSMA Australia & New Zealand Conference.  I look forward to seeing you there!

Best regards

Dale Bryce
APSMA President

APSMA Shanghai

After almost a decade of sustained success with the APSMA Hong Kong chapter and with post start-up APSMA Singapore showing increasing popularity with its growing membership, the Board of Directors agreed in November 2014 to conduct a feasibility study for the expansion of APSMA into the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

The study, involving twenty CMOs with a Greater China or broader Asia-Pacific remit, set out to solicit appetite from APSMA’s existing corporate members for the incorporation of a new chapter in PRC. The study’s findings were strongly supportive with Shanghai identified as the inaugural PRC chapter due to its standing as the first free trade zone in PRC, a strong multinational corporation presence and dual Mandarin and English language capabilities. A fledgling Committee was formed in early July and comprises BD, Marketing and Comms leaders from reputable law, accounting and property firms as well as a media agency. The Committee recently held their first “soft launch” social event and exceeded planned capacity with twenty five people congregating to network, discuss common challenges and agree how the community in Shanghai can further develop and progress for the balance of 2015 and into 2016. This new Committee is showing a lot of promise and is collectively highly enthusiastic, ambitious, motivated and possesses a strong desire to perpetuate what APSMA stands for globally in Shanghai.

For readers interested in joining our new Committee, subscribing to a Corporate or individual membership, sponsorship opportunities or speaking opportunities please contact Jenny Cheung on Jenny.Cheung@cliffordchance.com who will be glad to help you out.

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