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You asked and we’ve listened. ICON is bringing you regular, easy to consume learning and development sessions by webinar.

The webinar series will cover content on a variety of topics under our core specialisms of marketing, business development, communications and key account management – so you can keep your professional skills up to date with the latest learnings. We’ll also include some soft skills training to help you thrive in your role.

"A big thank you to ICON for organising a very informative webinar with Freya Giles on storytelling. It was interesting to see that many of the call participants rated themselves as “advanced” storytellers, which made me reflect on how often I engage in storytelling and how I would rate my own skills.  

It would be fair to say that storytelling is all around us – in our jobs, homes, communities. We tell stories all the time – whether we know it, or not. We tell ourselves stories too – about how good (or bad) we are, whether we are worthy (or not) of a recognition or reward.  But telling stories on a daily basis doesn’t equate to being good at it, and it doesn’t mean that we know which story to focus on, and which of our stories will lead to [positive] action, and why.  

So despite being “advanced” at the number of stories I tell on a daily basis, I have found Freya’s webinar extremely useful as it 1. went over some basic storytelling building blocks, and 2. it made me want to become “advanced” at telling quality stories that inspire action.

Freya is an incredibly experienced story teller, who very skilfully took us on a journey of why storytelling was important and what we can all do to become better at it. She reminded us that stories are everywhere – be it an email, water-cooler conversation (don’t we all miss those!?), CV, phone call, or a fully-blown marketing campaign – and we all have the power to influence our readers and listeners with a well-told story.

Good stories lead to action, which makes honing our storytelling skills in today’s noisy world ever more important. So a big thank you once again to Freya and ICON for organising this webinar." A Senior ICON member 

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16 November 2023 ICON Webinar: Building AI-Augmented Brands - A Practical Approach
04 October 2023 ICON Webinar: Words or Data?
07 September 2023 ICON Webinar in partnership with ON24: From Adapting to Thriving: Grant Thornton's Story of Digital Transformation
10 August 2023 ICON Webinar in partnership with ON24: Accelerating Growth in Professional Services Marketing
04 August 2023 ICON Webinar: Earn Trust on LinkedIn Intelligently
28 July 2023 ICONic Book Club: Smarter Collaboration: A New Approach to Breaking Down Barriers and Transforming Work
18 July 2023 ICON Webinar: Discover Evidenced-based Strategies to Improve Your Mindset, Grow Performance and Meet Your Best Self
14 June 2023 ICON Fast Track Development Program - Session 6 - CMO Panel session | Career Progression Insights and Tips
07 June 2023 ICON Webinar: Robot Marketing - How professional services marketers can survive (and thrive with) the rise of AI
24 May 2023 ICON Fast Track Development Program - Session 5 - Networking Skills Workshop
11 May 2023 ICON Fast Track Development Program - Session 4 - Collaboration Skills Workshop
09 May 2023 ICON Webinar: CMO Survey Findings
04 May 2023 ICON Webinar: How to create more strategic, smarter and solution-focused bids
18 April 2023 ICON Fast Track Development Program - Session 3 - Opportunity Skills Leadership Panel
04 April 2023 ICON Webinar: Marketing Technology - Where do you start?
28 March 2023 ICON Fast Track Development Program - Session 2 - Influence Skills workshop
21 March 2023 ICON Fast Track Program 2023 (Full Series)
20 March 2023 Marketing Live: Modern Marketing Transformation
14 March 2023 ICON Webinar: Cyber - attacks, digital fraud and what we need to know as marketers
02 March 2023 ICONic Book Club: Ideaflow: The only business metric that matters by Jeremy Utley and Perry Klebahn
23 November 2022 ICON Webinar: Engage a talented University Student Consulting team virtually to conduct market-facing research projects
15 November 2022 ICONic Book Club: “Screw it, let’s do it: Lessons in life” by Richard Branson
09 November 2022 ICON Webinar: Effective media relations and publicity
28 September 2022 ICON Webinar: The CX Factor – How the Client Experience is evolving and why Marketing and BD leaders should take note
15 September 2022 ICON Webinar: Gale Force Ten - Surviving the waves of creative destruction
01 September 2022 ICONic Book Club: Stolen Focus: Why you can’t pay attention – and how to think deeply again by Johann Hari
16 August 2022 ICON Webinar: Podcasts that pop: How to get started & connected with audio
21 July 2022 ICON Webinar: B2B Marketing in Professional Services
20 July 2022 ICON Webinar: Easier Tenders - the three enablers to getting buy-in
30 June 2022 ICON Webinar: Erosion of traditional media = more effort required. When does owning your content beat earning it?
21 June 2022 ICON Webinar: Creative Presentation and Public Speaking Skills
26 May 2022 ICONic Book Club:"Atomic Habits" by James Clear - Members only Invite
13 April 2022 ICON Webinar:#Slatteryfirst: How a Master Connector grows her firm’s brand and wins work
23 March 2022 ICON Webinar: How to build your professional network
17 March 2022 ICON Webinar: How to rank higher in Google in 2022
24 February 2022 ICON Webinar: How to make your client fall in love with you
10 February 2022 ICON-ic Book Club: Get reading with our new Book Club : Members only Invite
30 November 2021 ICON Webinar: In Conversation With Kathryn Illy
04 November 2021 ICON Webinar: In Conversation With Magdalena Suder
27 October 2021 ICON Webinar: Not Your Conventional Marketer: How David Redhill uses creativity and emotion to build brands
13 October 2021 ICON Webinar: Digital B2B Customer Acquisition: What Good Looks Like
22 September 2021 ICON Next Step 2021: Take a short-cut: seasoned professionals tell 'What I Wish I’d Known'
16 September 2021 ICON Webinar: Know Your Numbers Masterclass
01 September 2021 ICON Next Step 2021: Advance your skills; improve your research capability to create a compelling story
18 August 2021 ICON Webinar: Design Thinking 101: What it is and why you need it
12 August 2021 ICON Next Step 2021: Stride towards your goals; drive results by being visible, persuasive and proactive
05 August 2021 ICON #lockdownlink series
04 August 2021 ICON Webinar: RERUN: 2021 Salary Update and Market Trends by Dalton Handley
21 July 2021 ICON Next Step 2021: Prepare your career with the ICON Next Step program
21 July 2021 ICON Next Step 2021: Step into success; create value by managing up and working with colleagues effectively
15 July 2021 ICON #lockdownlink
14 July 2021 ICON Webinar: 5 Reasons not to do client feedback!
07 July 2021 ICON Webinar: 2021 Salary Update and Market Trends by Dalton Handley
30 June 2021 ICON Webinar: Navigating in the Maze of the Media - Tactics for Success
23 June 2021 ICON WEBINAR: New operating models to the workplace post pandemic
09 June 2021 ICON WEBINAR: Persuasion and Presentation Skills
26 May 2021 ICON WEBINAR: How to Increase Revenue using Client Meetings
17 May 2021 ICON WEBINAR: How to make pricing part of your winning strategy
28 April 2021 ICON WEBINAR: Networking in the new normal - a plan for professionals
31 March 2021 ICON WEBINAR: Better Tenders - Master the discipline behind winning more often and more easily
10 March 2021 ICON WEBINAR: "Stories of Ambition" - JLL's revolutionary brand campaign that has taken professional services marketing to new heights!
23 February 2021 ICON WEBINAR: The challenge for communicators in an age of mistrust, misinformation and the COVID-19 pandemic
10 February 2021 ICON WEBINAR: How to sell ideas faster so that you avoid wasting time
09 December 2020 ICON WEBINAR: Using your professional services firm's largest source of market intelligence: your website's analytics
01 December 2020 ICON WEBINAR: "Asking for a friend....."
25 November 2020 ICON WEBINAR: Demystifying the Federal budget and major economic trends
18 November 2020 ICON WEBINAR: Key messages that pack a punch - how to stand out?
11 November 2020 ICON WEBINAR: How to have successful change-based conversations?
29 October 2020 ICON WEBINAR: Coaching the Coach
21 October 2020 ICON Next Step Panel: Session 5 - What I Wish I'd Known (ASIA WEBINAR)
14 October 2020 ICON Next Step Panel: Session 5 - What I Wish I'd Known (AUS WEBINAR)
07 October 2020 ICON Next Step Panel : Session 4 - Staying Focussed
30 September 2020 ICON Next Step Panel : Session 3 - Persuasive Writing
29 September 2020 ICON Webinar: From Good to Great - How to create SEO Content that ranks
23 September 2020 ICON Webinar: Managing Partner Panel Discussion
16 September 2020 ICON Next Step 2020: Prepare your career with the ICON NEXT Step program 2020
16 September 2020 ICON Next Step 2020: Session 1- Secrets to Career Success
15 September 2020 ICON Webinar: Choosing, implementing & staying on top of a CRM in professional services marketing
10 September 2020 ICON Webinar: Twelve Marketing Matters that Matter
09 September 2020 ICON Webinar: What lawyers think of crisis communicators
26 August 2020 ICON Webinar: How to fall in love with selling yourself
19 August 2020 ICON Webinar: The Five Disciplines of a Leader's Mindset
12 August 2020 ICON Webinar: Sales Success During the COVID Crisis
22 July 2020 ICON Webinar: PERSONAL BRAND HEALTH CHECK - for our new age of networking
15 July 2020 ICON Webinar: Quick-Start Your Success in Uncertain Times - An Interactive Q&A
08 July 2020 ICON Webinar: Your digital marketing investment - valuable asset or data white elephant?
07 July 2020 ICON Webinar: Practise social distancing but not vocal distancing - how to speak with influence when working remotely
01 July 2020 ICON Webinar: Ten Immediate Actions to Generate Revenue and Cash
30 June 2020 ICON Webinar: The side-effects of COVID-19 - an economic perspective
25 June 2020 ICON Webinar: Future proof your career
17 June 2020 ICON Webinar: Using Design Thinking to improve the client experience
10 June 2020 ICON Webinar: The Magic of Storytelling
03 June 2020 ICON Webinar: Why your business needs some show business
28 May 2020 ICON Webinar: How to Va Va Voom your Za Za Zoom
27 May 2020 ICON Webinar: Packing the house for your webinar
26 May 2020 ICON HK Webinar: A mask for your heart
20 May 2020 ICON Webinar: The Art and Science of Persuasion - The foundations of killer copywriting
13 May 2020 ICON Webinar: Preparing for performance review discussions during uncertain times
06 May 2020 ICON Webinar: Reputation Management and Staying Ahead of the Game
23 April 2020 ICON Webinar: Transforming your webinars from good to great!
22 April 2020 ICON Webinar: The Science of Optimism
15 April 2020 ICON Webinar: Getting to Know Your Reader - The single most important part of any copywriting task
08 April 2020 ICON Webinar: Working with clients during challenging times
01 April 2020 ICON Webinar: Presenting with Impact
25 March 2020 ICON Webinar: Increasing Stakeholder Engagement through a Neuroscience Lens
11 March 2020 ICON Webinar: Using the ten principles behind great customer experiences
26 February 2020 ICON Webinar: The power of process: writing that gets results
12 February 2020 ICON Webinar: Discover Your Leadership Voice: How to radically increase your influence in any environment
04 December 2019 ICON Webinar: Honestly Speaking: How Corporate Events and Professional Speakers Play a Key Role
27 November 2019 ICON Webinar: Transformational Change
13 November 2019 ICON Webinar: Unlocking value through engaging internal communication
30 October 2019 ICON Webinar: How to qualitatively understand your clients
23 October 2019 ICON Webinar: Your Leadership Future Starts Now
10 October 2019 ICON Webinar: Practical social media – a simple three step method
11 September 2019 ICON Webinar: Client feedback – what you need to know
28 August 2019 ICON Webinar: Using CX to improve the business
14 August 2019 ICON Webinar: Leveraging Your Purpose at Work – How to create one and use it to your advantage
17 June 2019 ICON Webinar: A journey of discovery into the client experience equation

“I’ve attended two webinars (Designing Great Client Experiences with Matt Johns and Leveraging Your Purpose At Work with Grant Herbert) and found both extremely useful and the quality excellent. 

I’m looking forward to ICON’s future offerings and bringing in my colleagues to attend as well.” 

A delighted ICON member

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