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You asked and we’ve listened. ICON is bringing you regular, easy to consume learning and development sessions by webinar.

The webinar series will cover content on a variety of topics under our core specialisms of marketing, business development, communications and key account management – so you can keep your professional skills up to date with the latest learnings. We’ll also include some soft skills training to help you thrive in your role.

"A big thank you to ICON for organising a very informative webinar with Freya Giles on storytelling. It was interesting to see that many of the call participants rated themselves as “advanced” storytellers, which made me reflect on how often I engage in storytelling and how I would rate my own skills.  

It would be fair to say that storytelling is all around us – in our jobs, homes, communities. We tell stories all the time – whether we know it, or not. We tell ourselves stories too – about how good (or bad) we are, whether we are worthy (or not) of a recognition or reward.  But telling stories on a daily basis doesn’t equate to being good at it, and it doesn’t mean that we know which story to focus on, and which of our stories will lead to [positive] action, and why.  

So despite being “advanced” at the number of stories I tell on a daily basis, I have found Freya’s webinar extremely useful as it 1. went over some basic storytelling building blocks, and 2. it made me want to become “advanced” at telling quality stories that inspire action.

Freya is an incredibly experienced story teller, who very skilfully took us on a journey of why storytelling was important and what we can all do to become better at it. She reminded us that stories are everywhere – be it an email, water-cooler conversation (don’t we all miss those!?), CV, phone call, or a fully-blown marketing campaign – and we all have the power to influence our readers and listeners with a well-told story.

Good stories lead to action, which makes honing our storytelling skills in today’s noisy world ever more important. So a big thank you once again to Freya and ICON for organising this webinar." A Senior ICON member 

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Upcoming events

    • 28 April 2021
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (UTC+10:00)
    • *Times stated are in Australian Eastern Daylight Saving time. Webinar login details will be emailed to registrants.

    We’re doing business in unusual times. With an increasingly competitive market, an uncertain economic future and some isolation restrictions still in place, business development and client relationship management require innovative measures.

    Leaders and professionals need robust plans for moving their relationships forward using both online and offline strategies. This requires going beyond salesy, spammy, out-of-date techniques that risk breaking down trust. It requires a clear and specific plan of action, so you know exactly what steps you need to take to grow your business or career in the ‘next normal’.

    Join Julissa Shrewsbury as she provides tips and tricks on how best to network in the new normal.  Taken from her popular 2020 course, The New Normal Networking Flow, in this presentation you will learn:

    • What works and doesn’t work in networking right now
    • How to define your/your team’s networking objectives towards a clear plan of action
    • Why you need to lead with your personal brand for effective network-building
    • 3 types of worthwhile conversations you can set up with influential contacts, clients and prospects that won’t feel ‘salesy’ or pushy
    • Why most people don’t make the most of online and in-person networking events (including their own!)
    • Considerations for effective ‘virtual’ networking

    Presenter details

    Julissa ShrewsburyJulissa Shrewsbury

    New Work Consulting - Director

    Julissa Shrewsbury is director of New Work Consulting (NWC), a specialist advisory working with organisations on how their people represent themselves and the company brand, both online and in-person.

    NWC looks at the Brand/Culture connection: how clear a company brand’s messages are to internal and external audiences, and how well the brand is expressed through its people, at every level of the organisation. In creating cultures of confident personal brands, Julissa’s method involves drawing out people’s key strengths and helping them communicate the value they bring to stakeholders, leading to stronger positioning, connection and visibility to reach individual and company KPIs. As well as providing analysis and strategic direction, popular development and training workshops include Personal Branding, Leadership & Confidence, Authentic Sales, Marketing, LinkedIn and Networking strategy for executives and teams. Julissa has worked with businesses of all sizes, covering a broad range of industries such as accounting, finance, law, engineering, resources and IT.

    Considered an Australia-wide thought leader in personal branding for professional services, Julissa has presented for The Singapore Institute of Directors, the Australian Institute of Company Directors, the Australian Institute of Management WA, The Tax Institute, CPA Australia, the Institute of Internal Auditors, the Association of Financial Advisers, the Law Society of WA and many more. She has worked with RSM, HLB Mann Judd, StatePlus, Subsea Energy Australia, Independence Group (IGO), Pritchard Francis and others. Her articles and commentary have been published in various media and professional journals, including The Australian Financial Review’s BOSS Magazine, Leader Magazine and Brief Magazine. She has published two books including The Powerful Personal Brand: Amplify your profile, communicate your value and own your space.

    Event details

    Wednesday, 28 April 2021

    Auckland - 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

    Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane - 12:00 noon - 1:00 pm

    Adelaide - 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

    Hong Kong, Singapore, Perth - 10:00 am to 11:00 am

    ICON Member:  Free

    Non Member:  AUD90.00

    Webinar login details will be sent to the registrant upon registration.  Webinars are also recorded and loaded onto the members section of our website for future viewing. 

    ** Please note this is not a badged event.

Past events

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10 September 2020 ICON Webinar: Twelve Marketing Matters that Matter
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26 August 2020 ICON Webinar: How to fall in love with selling yourself
19 August 2020 ICON Webinar: The Five Disciplines of a Leader's Mindset
12 August 2020 ICON Webinar: Sales Success During the COVID Crisis
22 July 2020 ICON Webinar: PERSONAL BRAND HEALTH CHECK - for our new age of networking
15 July 2020 ICON Webinar: Quick-Start Your Success in Uncertain Times - An Interactive Q&A
08 July 2020 ICON Webinar: Your digital marketing investment - valuable asset or data white elephant?
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30 June 2020 ICON Webinar: The side-effects of COVID-19 - an economic perspective
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10 June 2020 ICON Webinar: The Magic of Storytelling
03 June 2020 ICON Webinar: Why your business needs some show business
28 May 2020 ICON Webinar: How to Va Va Voom your Za Za Zoom
27 May 2020 ICON Webinar: Packing the house for your webinar
26 May 2020 ICON HK Webinar: A mask for your heart
20 May 2020 ICON Webinar: The Art and Science of Persuasion - The foundations of killer copywriting
13 May 2020 ICON Webinar: Preparing for performance review discussions during uncertain times
06 May 2020 ICON Webinar: Reputation Management and Staying Ahead of the Game
23 April 2020 ICON Webinar: Transforming your webinars from good to great!
22 April 2020 ICON Webinar: The Science of Optimism
15 April 2020 ICON Webinar: Getting to Know Your Reader - The single most important part of any copywriting task
08 April 2020 ICON Webinar: Working with clients during challenging times
01 April 2020 ICON Webinar: Presenting with Impact
25 March 2020 ICON Webinar: Increasing Stakeholder Engagement through a Neuroscience Lens
11 March 2020 ICON Webinar: Using the ten principles behind great customer experiences
26 February 2020 ICON Webinar: The power of process: writing that gets results
12 February 2020 ICON Webinar: Discover Your Leadership Voice: How to radically increase your influence in any environment
04 December 2019 ICON Webinar: Honestly Speaking: How Corporate Events and Professional Speakers Play a Key Role
27 November 2019 ICON Webinar: Transformational Change
13 November 2019 ICON Webinar: Unlocking value through engaging internal communication
30 October 2019 ICON Webinar: How to qualitatively understand your clients
23 October 2019 ICON Webinar: Your Leadership Future Starts Now
10 October 2019 ICON Webinar: Practical social media – a simple three step method
11 September 2019 ICON Webinar: Client feedback – what you need to know
28 August 2019 ICON Webinar: Using CX to improve the business
14 August 2019 ICON Webinar: Leveraging Your Purpose at Work – How to create one and use it to your advantage
17 June 2019 ICON Webinar: A journey of discovery into the client experience equation

“I’ve attended two webinars (Designing Great Client Experiences with Matt Johns and Leveraging Your Purpose At Work with Grant Herbert) and found both extremely useful and the quality excellent. 

I’m looking forward to ICON’s future offerings and bringing in my colleagues to attend as well.” 

A delighted ICON member

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