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What are you doing during Corona Avoidance Time????

McLoughlin Ball
27 April 2020

Whilst we are all doing the right thing (and the statistics for our country, albeit devastating for those who have lost loved ones, do by and large show we ARE doing the right thing), there are some things I miss so terribly.

Being, as Ms. Streisand has oft so mellifluously warbled, a ‘people that need people’, I for one cannot wait to get back to seeing all my lovely friends, family, clients, candidates, loved ones, dogs, and any variety of four legged creature really, out and about and living our best lives, having dinner, conversations, hugging  - you know the drill - being an evolved, involved, interested and interesting, connected human being.

So, until we can do that, please know that we’re still open for business, for chats (of the telephone variety), I am happy to do Facetime or Zoom, I am happy to discuss your career, give advice – those of you who know me know I am always happy to do that – those that don’t – well … here is your invitation.  I’ve accumulated quite a few decades of experience and not just in the professional services industry, so there’s a bit I do know – and stuff I learn every day from my candidates and clients.  So, if like me, you love a chat – pick up the phone, whether you know me or not.  Let’s start our conversation…

With love, light and happiness to all

Gina McLoughlin



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