Next Step Program for Upcoming ICONs


ICON is pleased to announce that our popular development program for early-stage marketers and BD professionals will be expanding into a regional program. Starting on 16 September 2020, the program will run for 5 consecutive weeks, featuring a series of five virtual (and only where possible, in-person) events dedicated to preparing members for their next promotion or milestone.

At ICON, we want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to continue learning and growing during this uncertain time.

Key learnings will include:

  • How to build and maintain flexibility and resilience in hard times
  • The steps needed to build your career at each stage
  • How to write and communicate more persuasively
  • How to handle projects under pressure
  • What mistakes to avoid in your own career journey

In this program, participants will also have the opportunity to ​engage directly with senior professionals​, who will be able to provide advice and valuable industry insights. Each session will also be accompanied with ​L&D tools and checklists ​to ensure that participants are supported beyond the 5 sessions.


Session 1: Secrets to Career Success

Speaker:    Pamela Qiu, Head of Business Development and Engagement, The Alliance to End Plastic Waste

Date: Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Time: 1:00 pm AEDT

Session overview​:

Helen Bogie will speak to Pamela Qiu over a virtual fireside chat covering Pamela’s story of how she has gone from starting out locally to leading globally. She will talk about issues on diversity, working with mentors, communication strategies with your seniors and changing roles to achieve your goals.

Session 2: Mentoring session (Local)*

Date: w/c 21 September 2020

Time : As coordinated by Mentors.

Session overview​:

In this local mentor session, participants will be divided into small groups and attached to a mentor. These sessions will take place either virtually, or in-person where allowed. Through this session, participants will have the opportunity to gain valuable career insights, directly from senior professionals who have been through similar career journeys.

*For members who are already participating in the existing WA Mentorship Program, Next Step will work alongside your current program, and we will adjust costs accordingly. Please feel free to contact us at to discuss what this might mean for you.

Session 3: Persuasive Writing

Speaker:  Sharon De Bomford, Principal, Write Results

Date: Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Time: 1:00 pm AEDT

Session overview:

Sharon will provide insights into how to upgrade your writing skills and abilities, transforming simple information into something persuasive, engaging and inspiring. Covering a range of aspects on how to make your writing have a greater impact, she will position you with the skillset to enhance your ability to get heard by your stakeholders, and to get them to understand and support your position.

Session 4: Staying Focused (Panel)

Speakers: Collin Liu, COO, Rajah & Tann Asia
Fraser McNaughton, Chief Marketing Officer, Grant Thornton
Louise Gillespie, Training Manager, Origin Energy

Date: Wednesday, 7 October 2020 

Time: 1:00 pm AEDT

Session overview:

Distractions are everywhere – particularly in our tech-saturated world. Smartphones alone are a huge distraction in this modern age – it’s estimated that we pick up our phones an average of 85 times per day.

How do we limit the tech and other distractions that prevent us from being productive, delivering our work and progressing faster in our careers.

In this session we will:

  • Help you recognise workspace distractions
  • Share strategies to help avoid distraction and deliver work more efficiently
  • Discuss the physical and mental benefits of a more focused and purposeful approach in our work routines.

Session 5: What I Wish I’d Known

Date: w/c 12 October 2020

Session overview:

You’ll often hear the success stories from senior marketers sharing their experiences as they navigated through their careers.

But behind every success story are smaller stories of overcoming hardship - bad decisions or approaches to a problem, challenging projects, and the mistakes that led them to learn to become a better practitioner.

In this Q&A-style discussion:

  • senior professionals will share the events or learnings that they wish they knew as they navigated their career.
  • We will hear anecdotes and (sometimes funny) memories, and most importantly, the things other junior marketing and BD professionals can avoid in their own journeys.


5 sessions: ICON Members - AU$290

Non-members - AU$390

Single session:  ICON Members - AU$80

Non-members - AU$160

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