Scott Millar

CEO of BOP Industries

At the age of 14 Scott Millar began his first company as part of a school project - since then, he has been on a mission to inspire the next generation of digital creators.

As the CEO and Founder of BOP Industries, Scott spends his time working across the events, marketing and education industries, as well as being an active member in the startup community.

Millar’s brainchild, BOP Industries, is a Brisbane based technology and education startup working to develop new technologies, and inspire others to do the same. Millar has seen BOP Industries grow from selling keyrings at local markets to becoming a business operating nationally, and developing a diverse portfolio in the marketing and education space.

At BOP, Millar has an active presence in the events and advertising space. He consults with clients on how to utilise BOP’s new and emerging technologies in their campaigns, and also works closely with the team on the development of new units.

Within education, Millar has found a true passion through consulting with schools on program implementation, facilitating workshops, and constantly working on finding new ways to engage students in the classroom.

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