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A quick welcome to ICON

Recorded at the Asia Conference in Hong Kong

A brief introduction to ICON by ICON's president: Alex Grell

Video transcript

Hi Everyone! It's Alex here.  It is the 1st of June, 2017. A milestone day in APSMA's 24 year history.

A day when we bid a fond farewell to our APSMA name and our APSMA brand and we usher in a new era with a new name.

ICON: The influence, collaboration and opportunity network for B2B professionals.

Our community continues to evolve from professional services sales, marketing, and communications professionals to a wider range of B2B industries where we'll draw inspiration for best practice and bright ideas right across industries.

We're really excited about what is to come and we're very much looking forward to working with you as ICON. Thank you!


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