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Yasmin Grigaliunas

CEO & Co-Founder of World's Biggest Garage Sale

Since its conception, Yasmin Grigaliunas’ brainchild, the ‘World’s Biggest Garage Sale’ (WBGS) has diverted 3.3 million kilograms of goods from potential landfill.

It has also contributed $1.7 million worth of social value to the global economy, and created a passionate community around the principles of recycling.

WBGS aims to activate communities across Australia to clean out their homes and donate their unused or unwanted goods to WBGS events, where the items can receive second or third lifecycles. The profits made by WBGS are donated to charities, positively impacting local communities.

Prior to creating the Worlds Biggest Garage Sale, Grigaliunas was a passionate intrapreneur. She ran a multi-million dollar sales department and which received award winning growth every year for over a decade.

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