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ICON NSW 2017 Mentoring Program

  • 01 July 2017
  • 01 December 2017
  • NSW

ICON NSW Mentoring Program Launch

In partnership with program sponsor, Marsden Group, the ICON NSW Committee is excited to launch the 2017 Mentoring Program.

For those of you not already familiar with it, this ICON initiative is designed to increase influence, build collaboration, and extend the opportunity to network among B2B professionals. 

The aim of this program is to enhance a mentee’s abilities in their current role through connecting them with the experience of a mentor within our community.  Through providing guidance and strategies that will allow mentee’s to improve their performance and confidence, this program will create an influential contribution to the mentee’s career.  Mentors will also benefit from developing their leadership skills and shaping the careers of future B2B professionals.

As with last year’s program, this year we will run two programs – one for junior-mid level B2B professionals (Assistant through to Advisor/Executive) and one for our senior cohort of B2B professionals (Manager and above).

Our junior-mid level program will run in a similar fashion to previous years with one scheduled meeting each month for a total of six meetings, or more if mutually agreed between the mentor and mentee.  The suggested length of each meeting is one hour and can be arranged at a time, date and location suitable for both parties – we suggest catching up at a café over coffee.  Additional communication may include phone or email interaction, again depending on what is agreed upon between you.

The senior program will run in the same way as the junior-mid level program, however, it is designed to act as an "ideas network" for senior B2B professionals – sharing ideas across non-competing industries in a confidential environment.  We suggest that the mentor and mentee meet on six occasions, however, this will again be at the discretion of the mentor and mentee. (Mentors from the junior program are, of course, also welcome to apply to be a mentee in the senior program.)


Please review and complete the applicable mentor/mentee form as part of either the junior or senior application pack (found by clicking the relevant links below) and submit to your ICON NSW Committee Mentoring Program contacts by Wednesday, 28 June 2017.

Junior-mid level program – Nichole McLachlan (nichole.mclachlan@corrs.com.au), Laura Gray (laura.gray@ashurst.com) and Tanjali Chelliah (tanjali.chelliah@clydeco.com).

Junior Mentoring Program Application Pack (including both mentor and mentee application forms) 

Senior program – Vicky Doneska (vicky.doneska@bnlaw.com.au) and Jo Wood (jo.wood@macquarie.com).

Senior Mentoring Program Application Pack (including both mentor and mentee application forms) 

Once you have submitted the relevant form and have been matched with your mentor/mentee, mentees will be invoiced by the ICON NSW accounts team.

Please note that spaces in each program are limited so don’t delay in submitting your application!


ICON Member- Mentee:  $88 (GST incl.)
Non member- Mentee:  $99 (GST incl.) 

 pay only with their time and knowledge.


Once you have been paired with your mentor/mentee you will receive an email from one of the program contacts advising you of the pairing and introducing you to one another.  The program will officially run from July to December 2017, and there will be a mentor/mentee “meet and greet” event in late July (details to follow).

Again, if you have any questions about the program, please get in touch with your NSW Committee Mentoring Program contacts:

Junior-mid level program – Nichole McLachlan (nichole.mclachlan@corrs.com.au), Laura Gray (laura.gray@ashurst.com) and Tanjali Chelliah (tanjali.chelliah@clydeco.com).

Senior program – Vicky Doneska (vicky.doneska@bnlaw.com.au) and Jo Wood (jo.wood@macquarie.com).

We hope the benefits for all will be numerous, and that you are as excited about this program as we are.  We look forward to receiving your application!

ICON thanks the program partner:

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