ICON XQ Market Leadership

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18-19 October 2018 | Ovolo Woolloomoolo

The Architecture of Leadership Excellence

Excellence Leading Yourself and Others

Grant Herbert wants to change the conversation about leadership to focus on the individual’s ‘inner game’ of mental wellbeing, positive attitudes and self-preservation.

How to Inspire and Activate People

news & insights

Anna Crameri, General Manager at RPS, knows the importance of inspiring and activating people in a business environment.

The value of diversity and how you should promote it

News & Insights

Promoting diversity and equality is becoming a priority for many organisations. Studies have found that diversity can improve a business’s image and even lift its revenue.

Accelerate 2019

ICON & McLoughlinBall

ICON and McLoughlinBall are delighted to announce the launch of the 2019 Accelerate program. The program offers ICON members the opportunity to win a scholarship for a one year post graduate course in professional services marketing

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