Benefits of Membership

ICON connects members to a global network of B2B markets professionals, through an expanding series of local chapters in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

ICON membership is open to both individuals and organisations and provides a range of direct benefits:

  • Learning and development delivered via multiple formats - local seminars, conferences, thought leadership and online resources
  • Multi-disciplinary skills development covering a broad range of topics
  • Tiered programs responding to the needs of members at different stages of their careers, for example, Next Steps program for up and coming ICONs, Key Skill Masterclasses, Chief Marketing Officer dinners and seminars
  • Member and Partner Networking via social events in each region
  • Discounted attendance rates for members, potentially greater than the cost of a single individual membership
  • Tiered group membership rates which deliver value to organisations both large and small

Wherever you are in your career, ICON can help you to establish the connections, opportunities and influence.

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