Become an ICON Committee Member

Being a member of an ICON committee provides you with an opportunity to contribute to an essential not-for-profit association, focused on developing the professional skills of its members and the wider network. Each committee is led by a chair and drives either local membership engagement or supports the broader engagement programs of the association.  Each committee is supported by a ICON board member and the ICON admin team.

As a committee member you will be part of the ICON leadership team to help make a positive impact in the business development and marketing profession. You will also:

  • Build and extend your professional network, working alongside peers in your chapter and connecting with many professionals in the events organised.
  • Hone your leadership skills by taking a ‘role' on the committee such as events management, membership growth, sponsorships or chair, and having direct access to key thought leaders in your market to learn from.
  • Broaden your technical skillset, developing ideas and building new skills in a safe environment you can incorporate into your day job.
  • Gain insight into other B2B industries from interacting with fellow committee members and speakers of varied backgrounds invited to events.
  • Leverage your ICON relationships when looking for the next step in your career whether seeking advice or opening new opportunities.
  • Make ICON a part of your career growth by moving from member to committee member to vice chair to chair and board member.
  • Share a sense of purpose and passion by giving back to the industry, through volunteering at ICON and contributing to its success, you are helping peer professionals advance their knowledge and careers.
  • Make many new and enduring personal friendships and be part of a tight knit community influencing the members of your chapter!

Our committees:

  • Regional Committees: focused on delivering local events which are specifically relevant to each region but which also leverage the insights and learnings of other regions and support the broader Learning and Development program.
  • Learning and Development Committee: focused on the webinar program, balancing learning opportunities and expanding the toolkits of our business development and marketing community.
  • Communications Committee: works with all committees to streamline association-wide communications, as well as create new communication campaigns and initiatives.
  • Next Step Committee: delivers our annual Next Step program for up and coming business development and marketing professionals.
  • Conference Committee: delivers ICON conferences and forums.

Benefits of being on an ICON Committee:

ICON committees are made up of individuals from different industries and member firms. Together the committees drive the vision of ICON, equipping members to take a meaningful role in the success of their firm and in their own professional development.

As an association, we seek to run learning and development and social networking events for ICON members both online and in our chapters, and to create added value through connecting and communicating with members and providing opportunities to build greater member networks. In addition to the flagship ICON Asia and Australia Conferences, the committees deliver an annual events program on multiple topics to meet the needs of our members.

Also, as a committee member, you are asked to take ownership of a particular “role” to ensure every committee member is clear on their roles and responsibilities and how they can contribute to ICON’s success.

Committee requirements and expectations:

  • Attend 80% of committee meetings.
  • Carry out the committee role (as described in the committee handbook as assigned.
  • Own and drive at least one event per year (with the support of your regional committee for sponsors, content/speakers) and support one other event (e.g. registration desk etc.).
  • Support regional your committee to assist in idea generation for event topics, speakers, venues etc.
  • A commitment to attending 60% of ICON events in your chapter to support fellow committee members.
  • All committee members must be financial members of ICON, either via their firm’s membership or individually.

Although we appreciate that circumstances change, we hope individuals can make a commitment to the committee for a minimum of 12 months.

Please contact our team if you would like to join an ICON committee.  Your support strengthens our association and ensures we continue to meet the needs of a dynamic and ever-changing industry.

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