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  • APSMA 1 Day Masterclass: Storytelling for Leaders

APSMA 1 Day Masterclass: Storytelling for Leaders

  • 20 July 2016
  • 09:00 - 17:00
  • AECOM, Level 21, 420 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000
  • 13


  • For members of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals Australia and New Zealand (APMP ANZ) chapter

Influence without relying on authority.

Build fast rapport.

Change minds and inspire action. 

Following rave reviews on Mark Schenk's storytelling session at the 2015 ANZ Reframe your Future Conference, APSMA has teamed with Anecdote to bring you a one day masterclass that extends the learning experience through an ongoing Deliberate Practice Program provided by Anecdote.

Anecdote’s Storytelling for Leaders program will teach you the techniques you need to better influence, engage and inspire others – just as hundreds of leaders already have, from Melbourne to New York, London to Singapore.

Organisations are changing quickly. Structures are flatter and reporting lines more complex. Staff and customers are spread around the world. And everyone is deafened by the ‘noise’ of information inundation. Yet the modern leader still needs to be able to influence and persuade in this constantly fluid environment.

The sharing of stories orally is a powerful way of cutting through. When we tell stories, people ‘get’ what we are saying – and they remember it. This is the case whether we are communicating informally (which is what we do most of the time) or in a more formal environment such as a presentation.

"Other presentations were dry and heavy, but the Yammer presentations really stood out because we were telling stories versus merely sharing data." A Storytelling for Leaders participant describes the way storytelling changed her presentations. Click here  to hear more.

More than just storytelling

Storytelling for Leaders will teach you a systematic method for becoming a better, more confident storyteller. However, the program goes further. You will also learn how to use the magic of stories to get more from others:

  • Story-triggering involves a leader doing something remarkable enough that it inspires people in the organisation to recount what happened. We show you how you can do this successfully.
  • Story-listening is the art of getting others to share stories. You’ll learn how to elicit stories from others, building stronger connections and gaining a better understanding of what’s really happening.

More than a workshop

Storytelling for Leaders is not a one-off workshop but a complete six-month program. It includes:

  • A full one-day workshop. The workshop is highly interactive as we strongly believe in the power of practical activities to foster learning. Throughout the day you will engage in hands-on activities designed to build your storytelling skills and confidence. See the workshop in action here.
  • Our unique Deliberate Practice Program. This workplace-based program includes 24 weekly micro-tasks, spread over six months, which will embed and enhance what was learnt in the workshop. Most of the learning you do will occur in the workplace, during the DPP, rather than at the workshop. 

The Deliberate Practice Program includes online support, with the opportunity to ask questions and share your experiences at any time.

“The workshop covered a lot of territory in a way that combined analytical rigour with a clear and informal delivery. I recommend it without reservation.” 

Who should attend?

Storytelling for Leaders is beneficial to anyone whose role requires them to influence, engage and inspire others. Previous participants have included senior leaders, project managers, salespeople, consultants and trainers.

About Anecdote

Anecdote is a management consulting firm recognized as a world leader in the use of storytelling in business. We have helped some of the world’s leading companies, such as IBM, Shell, BHP Billiton and KPMG develop their storytelling and leadership capability.

Anecdote has partners in 22 countries including USA, Japan, China, the UK, India, Mexico and Singapore. We deliver projects and programs right across the globe. 

About your presenter

Mark Schenk is one of the principals of Anecdote. The company was founded in 2004 with the clear purpose of restoring humanity to the workplace. An entertaining and enthusiastic storyteller himself, Mark has run storytelling programs for thousands of participants in some of the world’s biggest companies.

Book now - only 15 seats available. 

Event Details:


Wednesday, 20 July 2016


9am to 5pm


AECOM, Level 21, 420 George Street,
Sydney NSW 2000

Pricing: Members: $1,250
Non-Members: $1,400

APSMA thanks event sponsor:


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