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Learning & development

ICON members benefit from the collective knowledge and resources of the network. The active community provides a unique opportunity for personal development which delivers value directly back to the organisations in which our members work. Participants also benefit personally, gaining knowledge, skills and relationships which support their career development.

With support from our corporate partners, members can access scholarships, tailored professional development programs and mentorships.

1. Mentoring program

ICON's mentoring program encourages mentees to take ownership of their own goals and aspirations and actively seek advice from their mentors. Mentors encourage mentees to identify current and future challenges, helping them to become prepared and resilient professionals.

2. Next Step program

The Next Step program has been specially designed to develop the next generation of B2B professionals. Real world insights and hard skill set development are in-built within the program, with content created and delivered by senior practitioners from across the various sectors. 

Contact us to find out how ICON membership can help you reach your potential as a B2B professional.

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