The Architecture of Leadership Excellence Leading Yourself and Others in a VUCA World

This stimulating speaker wants to change the conversation about leadership to focus on the individual’s ‘inner game’ of mental wellbeing, positive attitudes and self-preservation. Grant Herbert is promoting the Next Intelligence needed for leaders to win the inner game.

International keynote speaker Grant Herbert will present to the ICON XQ: Market Leadership Australia and New Zealand Conference from 18-19 October at the Ovolo Hotel in Woolloomooloo. The corporate workplace trainer and executive leadership coach from People Builders, will be among a line-up that includes Trisca Scott-Branagan; Head of Marketing Institutional at ANZ, Mark McInnes; Founder and Chief Social Officer at Social for Sales and many others. He will give several talks about reframing what it means to be a leader and how to shift traditional mindsets to focus on positivity and confidence.

In his training role, Grant creates an environment where people implement positive changes, not 

just gather more information about a problem. His views were shaped by moving from a career in the defence force to sales and marketing, where he realised his mindset and behaviour were holding him back.

He also saw this happening to people around him, and noted that many leaders were being promoted because of longevity, rather than because they were best suited for a particular role. Even worse, many were just like him, unable to lead themselves let alone others.

“Just because you have a title doesn’t mean that you have the answers,” he says.

Leaders are in important positions, with huge responsibilities and high expectations. For some, their job becomes all-consuming, with their

career determining their identity. They view their job title as a more important differentiator than other qualities such as their personality, interests and goals.

“You’re a person. We’re human ‘beings’ and our identity is not in what we do but who we are. The biggest challenge I see is that people are not able to switch off when they get home,” says Grant.

Leaders who doubt themselves can become highly stressed and anxious. This leads to disengagement and a lack of productivity and can cause chronic health issues. This self-doubt can also create abrasive leaders who react on emotion rather than respond on logic.

Just because you have a title doesn’t mean that you have the answers

“If you haven’t got your inner game right, then you’ll doubt yourself and you won’t be able to make great decisions,” Grant says.

Grant experienced this stress and anxiety himself for many years, prompting him to focus on his ‘inner game’ – his self-talk, attitude and mental stability. As his attitude and environment changed, he found his productivity and performance improved dramatically, as they did for those around him.

He says focusing on your inner game means taking time to do what 

is best for your mental stability. It’s about accepting your flaws and believing in yourself. It’s about reframing attitudes about yourself, shifting to a positive mindset and positive self-talk. It's about self-care.

In the corporate world, people often neglect their inner game, seeing it as a ‘soft skill’. Grant plans to change this perception at the ICON event. He wants to help leaders understand their inner game and learn to manage their insecurities and fears, so they can achieve more and enjoy the journey.

“One of the practical things I do is give people permission to get things wrong. Accept themselves as they are, and retrain that inner voice so it becomes an empowering one,” he says.

Grant believes his talks will help the audience members make better decisions in the future – and develop the mindset and behaviour they need to thrive in this 21stcentury V.U.C.A world. 

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