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I+U+WE Connect!

Highlights from the 2017 Australia and New Zealand ICON conference

By Grant Butler, Editor Group 

The ICON community pulled off another great event, with more than 200 members and friends coming together for the annual Australia & New Zealand conference at the Sheraton on the Park hotel in Sydney on 18–20 October. The theme was i+U+WE Connect.

This article captures key takeaways and offers links for further reading. The tips are to:

  1. Expect strong business conditions
  2. Get the client service basics right
  3. Update your sales pitch
  4. Become data-driven
  5. Leverage your librarians
  6. Manage by generation
  7. Stay calm in a crisis
  8. Get ready for everything to change
  9. But understand that humans will still be very human
  10. Don’t forget to smile!

Access our detailed summary below and see you next year!

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