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    • 13 June 2019
    • 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM (UTC+08:00)
    • Distrii, Level 2, Republic Plaza, 9 Raffles Place, Singapore 048619

    In 2018 we reimagined our conferences. ICON XQ: Market Leadership was so well received, we're bringing a half-day (afternoon) version to Singapore on Thursday, 13 June 2019.

    More information on our speakers can be found on our website.  

    Five intelligence (Q) streams, each an important component of the market leadership puzzle. We aim to arm you with the insight and knowledge to master leadership in the ever evolving B2B landscape.

    1. XQ - the NeXt intelligence

    Sessions that answer what’s next? What our experts see happening now and on the horizon for us an industry and as professionals. Audiences treated to an understanding of what’s making waves and a glimpse into the future of B2B marketing, communication and business development.

    2. CQ - customer intelligence

    Sessions focused on engaging with, and better understanding, clients and customers. Topics include: How to cultivate a team of relationship builders, identifying and capturing your target audience, best-in-market client engagement strategy & programs AND MORE.

    3. MQ - market intelligence

    Sessions built around mastering the evolving market and B2B landscape. Topics include: How to better understand your organisation’s identity and offering, discovering and defining the sales landscape in your organisation, product and solution differentiation AND MORE.

    4. BQ - business intelligence

    Sessions addressing strategy, planning and organisation know how. Topics include: Leading & inspiring your team to achieve greater success, programs and campaign strategy, stakeholder management AND MORE.

    5. TQ – technology intelligence

    Sessions covering the latest technology and digital tools, trends and strategies. Topics include: measurement and data, social media, emerging technology AND MORE.

    Event details

    Date: Thursday, 13 June 2019
    Time: Conference:  12:00 noon to 6:00 pm
    Cocktail Party:  from 6:30 pm

    Distrii, Level 2, Republic Plaza, 9 Raffles Place, Singapore 048619

    Cocktail Party:  
    Zafferano 10 Collyer Quay, Level 43 Ocean Financial Centre, Singapore 049315


    ICON Members (conference and cocktail party) AUD345 | SGD320
    Non Members (conference and cocktail party) AUD500 | SGD480
    Conference and ICON Membership
    (valued at AUD775)
    AUD545 | SGD ~520
    ICON Members - Cocktail Party Only  AUD65 | SGD60
    Non Member - Cocktail Party Only AUD95 | SGD90

    For group bookings (5 or more people) please contact our events team

    *Please note all invoices will be issued in AUD.
    **ICON Membership usually AUD275

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    • 17 June 2019
    • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Webinar details will be confirmed closer to the webinar

    Defining Client Experience – what is it and what it is most definitely not:

    CX is often thought of in a relatively tactical, reactive way, yet the opportunity for professional services firms is immense. Often confused with Customer Service, which is only a very small part of CX, the experience your customers are having on a daily basis engaging with your firm is likely to be the single most powerful contributor to your success. 

    This webinar will highlight the key factors that come together to create the experience for your customers, whilst providing guidance on how you can start to develop a truly market leading customer experience. 

    The 10 Guiding Principles of CX:

    During this webinar, we will consider one of the most powerful of the 10 Principles Behind Great Customer Experience - Setting and Meeting Expectations, and why they are so important for Professional Services.

    Client Experience as an advantage – not a replacement.

    When CX can add real value? We’ll discuss the four key factors that impact sales and success: Proposition, Brand, Awareness and Client Experience. If the first three are weak then CX cannot act as a replacement. It cannot fix a substandard or poor proposition; it cannot be the only source of brand affinity; and it is not the most effective way of gaining market awareness. If the other factors are strong as they often are in Professional Services firms - then CX can be incredibly powerful.

    Why CX is so urgent in professional services firms – next to zero differentiation

    Aside from the colour of their logos, almost everything else in Professional Services is uniform. There are strong but similar propositions and capability; they are strong but similar brand affinities; and there is well established but similar market awareness. We will look into what the missing link is.

    How to better understand your customers – using design thinking to design great experiences.

    To provide a tangible starting position, this webinar will outline the four stages of great human centred design - and explain why it is so important to deeply understand what is really going on with customers before designing solutions. We’ll look at why business problems need to be so clearly defined and we’ll introduce the value of qualitative interaction - through ethnographic interviews and targeted observations - as a solutions to get this moving.

    Presenter details:

    Matt Johns
    As a qualified former under cover officer, Matt has spent a long time understanding what drives human behaviour. Matt uses his unique experience in the police and as the Acting Chief Strategy Officer at Deloitte to help firms develop a deep understanding of the experience they are currently creating for their customers.

    Matt believes the experience your organisation creates for your customers is one of the most powerful competitive advantages you can develop. Yet too many businesses are leaving this to chance and in many cases barely doing enough to keep up with their competition. Together with you, he seeks to understand how they truly feel and think, not just what they are prepared to say.

    From this base, he works with you to visualize the end to end experience by tracking the emotive journey of the customer and identifying opportunities to transform the experience. He guides you through a process of targeted ideation to design new, compelling experiences, including robust testing to ensure each new idea will have the desired impact. Ultimately, his goal is to help you design deliberate experiences for your customers that will create true competitive advantage.

    Event details:

    Date:  Monday, 17 June 2019

    Auckland - 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
    Sydney / Melbourne / Brisbane - 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
    Adelaide - 10:30 am - 11:30 am
    Hong Kong / Singapore / Perth - 9:00 am - 10:00 am

    Login Details: Webinar - login details to be sent to registrant closer to the webinar
    Price: ICON Member: AUD$40
    Non Member: AUD$60
    * Please note all invoices will be in AUD. 

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