Upcoming events

    • 09 April 2019
    • 12:30 PM (UTC+08:00)
    • 31 December 2019
    • (UTC+08:00)
    • Perth WA

    Our 2019 reverse, cross-industry mentoring program in WA is about to take flight and we would like you to participate.

    There are many benefits to being involved in a mentoring program. Mentors have an opportunity to invest themselves in someone who is keen to learn from a seasoned professional. Mentees are able to share ideas with someone who has walked down the same path. At ICON, we are pleased to share the benefits of mentoring with our members.

    Our WA mentoring program is now it its second year. This cost-effective program matches professionals aspiring to leadership with established senior leaders and provides a framework for creating and building mentoring relationships.

    "I feel external mentor/mentee relationships are really important. Having previously benefited from being mentored earlier in my career, it is very rewarding to pay it forward in now being a mentor." ICON Mentor WA, 2018

    New to ICON WA’s mentoring program?

    To formalise your participation, there are two easy steps:

    (1) Complete an application form so we have a better understanding of what you’re looking to benefit from our program and so we can ensure you’re matched with a mentor/mentee appropriately. Mentoring Application Form - click here. Please complete and return your application to Kristy Rewell by 1 March 2019; and

    (2) Complete registration as outlined below.

    Already participating in the ICON WA mentoring program?

    As your mentor/mentee may have let you know, now is the time to renew your registration for the current year. All you need to do is click “register” as outlined below and you are all set.


    For Mentees (less than 8 years professional B2B marketing experience)
    ICON Members: $65*
    Non-Members: $80*

    For Mentors (more than 8 years of professional B2B marketing experience, manager or higher title)

    For Students (currently enrolled in University)

    * This price covers the program costs and includes entry to attend a mentoring lunch event.

    Click here to register by 1st March 2019. Those who register for the 2019 mentoring program will receive a separate invitation for an upcoming mentoring lunch event.

    ICON thanks event sponsor:

    • 30 May 2019
    • 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
    • GHD - Level 15/133 Castlereagh St, Sydney
    • 8

    In our final session for the 2018/19 Next Steps series, we are delighted to welcome Rachael Lonergan as guest speaker to discuss this insightful topic. 

    Rachael will be presenting on 6 key things you can do/think to improve resilience, using experiences of her own life to illustrate key points. The presentation will include a 40 minute talk followed by a 20 minute Q&A. 

    Presenter details:


    Rachael is an award-winning advertising, marketing and media strategist with 25 years of experience in Media and Creative agencies, working with major brands both here in Australia and in the United States.

    She is the founder of Helpful Tech Co, owner of CanDo, an app that aims to help people going through treatment for illnesses like cancer and a range of other difficult situations. CanDo was developed from Rachael’s own experiences with treatment for breast cancer (in 2009), and observing her sister’s experiences with care for end-stage sarcoma.

    Event details: 

     Date: Thursday, 30 May 2019 
     Time: 7:30 am to 9:00 am
     Location: GHD - Level 15/133 Castlereagh St, Sydney

    ICON Members: $77
    Non-Members: $99

    ICON thanks event sponsor:

    • 12 June 2019
    • 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM (UTC+08:00)
    • Rigby's, 221 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000

    Grab your colleagues, friends and/or family, bring your smarts and join the fun at our inaugural ICON WA Trivia Night.

    Get ready to enjoy a night of laughter and great entertainment at Rigby’s, as our trivia master challenges you to pitch your wit against the ICON network, all in the name of charity.

    You can register as a team (tables of up to 8) or sign up on your own and let ICON team you up, giving you even more opportunity to network with fellow ICON members.

    Your registration fee includes shared platters and a drink on arrival, as well as your trivia participation. All proceeds will go to charity Helping Little Hands (HLH). HLH provides practical support to families with sick or premature babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

    Be sure to book in quickly as tables are sure to be snapped up.

    We look forward to seeing you there, for what will be a fun and relaxed night!!

     Date: Wednesday, 12 June 2019
     Time: 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm
     Location: Rigby's, 221 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000

    ICON Members: $40 
    Non Members: $50
    Member team of 8: $300
    Non Member team of 8: $380


    ICON thanks event sponsor:

    • 17 June 2019
    • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Webinar details will be confirmed closer to the webinar

    Defining Client Experience – what is it and what it is most definitely not:

    CX is often thought of in a relatively tactical, reactive way, yet the opportunity for professional services firms is immense. Often confused with Customer Service, which is only a very small part of CX, the experience your customers are having on a daily basis engaging with your firm is likely to be the single most powerful contributor to your success. 

    This webinar will highlight the key factors that come together to create the experience for your customers, whilst providing guidance on how you can start to develop a truly market leading customer experience. 

    The 10 Guiding Principles of CX:

    During this webinar, we will consider one of the most powerful of the 10 Principles Behind Great Customer Experience - Setting and Meeting Expectations, and why they are so important for Professional Services.

    Client Experience as an advantage – not a replacement.

    When CX can add real value? We’ll discuss the four key factors that impact sales and success: Proposition, Brand, Awareness and Client Experience. If the first three are weak then CX cannot act as a replacement. It cannot fix a substandard or poor proposition; it cannot be the only source of brand affinity; and it is not the most effective way of gaining market awareness. If the other factors are strong as they often are in Professional Services firms - then CX can be incredibly powerful.

    Why CX is so urgent in professional services firms – next to zero differentiation

    Aside from the colour of their logos, almost everything else in Professional Services is uniform. There are strong but similar propositions and capability; they are strong but similar brand affinities; and there is well established but similar market awareness. We will look into what the missing link is.

    How to better understand your customers – using design thinking to design great experiences.

    To provide a tangible starting position, this webinar will outline the four stages of great human centred design - and explain why it is so important to deeply understand what is really going on with customers before designing solutions. We’ll look at why business problems need to be so clearly defined and we’ll introduce the value of qualitative interaction - through ethnographic interviews and targeted observations - as a solutions to get this moving.

    Presenter details:

    Matt Johns
    As a qualified former under cover officer, Matt has spent a long time understanding what drives human behaviour. Matt uses his unique experience in the police and as the Acting Chief Strategy Officer at Deloitte to help firms develop a deep understanding of the experience they are currently creating for their customers.

    Matt believes the experience your organisation creates for your customers is one of the most powerful competitive advantages you can develop. Yet too many businesses are leaving this to chance and in many cases barely doing enough to keep up with their competition. Together with you, he seeks to understand how they truly feel and think, not just what they are prepared to say.

    From this base, he works with you to visualize the end to end experience by tracking the emotive journey of the customer and identifying opportunities to transform the experience. He guides you through a process of targeted ideation to design new, compelling experiences, including robust testing to ensure each new idea will have the desired impact. Ultimately, his goal is to help you design deliberate experiences for your customers that will create true competitive advantage.

    Event details:

    Date:  Monday, 17 June 2019

    Auckland - 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
    Sydney / Melbourne / Brisbane - 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
    Adelaide - 10:30 am - 11:30 am
    Hong Kong / Singapore / Perth - 9:00 am - 10:00 am

    Login Details: Webinar - login details to be sent to registrant closer to the webinar
    Price: ICON Member: AUD$40
    Non Member: AUD$60
    * Please note all invoices will be in AUD. 
    • 20 June 2019
    • 7:45 AM - 9:00 AM
    • Grant Thornton, Level 17, 383 Kent Street, Sydney
    • 24

    So, let’s connect – human to human and share our point of view in a clear way that is easy for our audience to understand, remember and act on.

    By understanding the rules we can truly make a difference and build a human to human connection with emotional appeal that persuades and motivates your audience.

    It is Emma’s mission is to help others see the value of presentations. That is why company’s like Telstra, Commonwealth Bank, Yahoo!7, EY, Microsoft, VISA and Qantas turn to Presentation Studio for the perfect mix of storytelling, visual communication, and presentation skills.

    Emma’s innovative approach to integrating story and visual design transforms lacklustre presentations into engaging, powerful and successful communication tools.


    • How to stay relevant and keep being needed
    • Essential components of presentations
    • Practical ways to differentiate, stand out and get noticed
    • How to be heard above the noise, build trust
    • To share your point of view and be remembered

    Presenter details:


    Emma Bannister thinks in pictures and stories. She is an expert at transforming the written word into visual masterpieces that matter more.

    As a highly sought-after creative, workshop facilitator and keynote speaker, she is passionate about presentations and presenting big and beautiful ideas.

    She started her career designing PowerPoints for banks that traded in high standards and fast deadlines. Their expectations set fire to her ambition, and lead her to bigger and bluer skies outside of her little hometown north of London, UK.

    Emma arrived in Australia in 2002 with a suitcase full of bright ideas. She unpacked her powerful visual punch when she launched Presentation Studio from her humble kitchen table in 2006.

    Fast-forward a decade and Presentation Studio has grown to over 25 staff – all equally passionate about using visual thinking to transform the way people and companies communicate. Their practical tools have helped transform multi-million-dollar pitch presentations for companies such as Telstra, Westfield, Microsoft, Hyundai, Yahoo!7, Commonwealth Bank and PepsiCo.

    Event details:

    Date:  Thursday, 20 June 2019
    Time: 7:45 am for 8:00 am start to 9:00 am
    Location: Grant Thornton, Level 17, 383 Kent Street, Sydney
    Price: ICON Members: $66
    Non-Members: $99

    ICON thanks event sponsor:

    • 26 June 2019
    • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Maddocks, 25/727 Collins St, Melbourne

    In 2018 we reimagined our conferences. ICON XQ: Market Leadership was so well received, we're bringing a one day version to Melbourne on Wednesday, 26 June 2019.

    Speaker details will be released soon, but in the meantime, please save a space in your diaries for this innovative conference that will challenge your thinking on what makes us global market leaders and innovators and how we can use this knowledge to become better leaders.

    Five intelligence (Q) streams, each an important component of the market leadership puzzle. We aim to arm you with the insight and knowledge to master leadership in the ever evolving B2B landscape.

    1. XQ - the NeXt intelligence

    Sessions that answer what’s next? What our experts see happening now and on the horizon for us as an industry and as professionals. Topics will see audiences treated to an understanding of what’s making new waves and a glimpse into the future of B2B marketing, communication and business development.

    2. CQ - customer intelligence

    Sessions focused on engaging with, and better understanding, clients and customers. Session topics include: How to cultivate a team of relationship builders, identifying and capturing your target audience, best-in-market client engagement strategy & programs AND MORE.

    3. MQ - market intelligence

    Sessions built around mastering the evolving market and B2B landscape. Sessions topics include: How to better understand your organisation’s identity and offering, discovering and defining the sales landscape in your organisation, product and solution differentiation AND MORE.

    4. BQ - business intelligence

    Sessions addressing strategy, planning and organisation know how. Session topics include: Leading & inspiring your team to achieve greater success, programs and campaign strategy, stakeholder management AND MORE.

    5. TQ – technology intelligence

    Sessions covering the latest technology and digital tools, trends and strategies. Session topics include: measurement and data, social media, emerging technology AND MORE.

    Event details

    Date: Wednesday, 26 June 2019
    Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
    Forum Venue: 

    Maddocks, 25/727 Collins Street, Melbourne

    Cocktail Party Venue: WOOLSHED
    Central Pier, Shed 9 

    161 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands, 3008


    ICON Members AUD750 
    Non Members AUD1,125 
    ICON Members - Cocktail Party Only AUD60 
    Non Member - Cocktail Party Only AUD100 

    Cocktail Party venue and details to be confirmed. 

    For group bookings (5 or more people) please contact our events team.

    ICON thanks conference sponsors:


    • 16 October 2019
    • 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM (UTC+10:00)
    • GHD, Level 8, 145 Ann Street Brisbane QLD 4000

    Everyone is talking about CX. And now we are too…

    As the B2B marketplace becomes increasingly competitive and differentiation becomes more challenging than ever before – the buzz around customer experience (CX) has only gotten louder. CX has emerged as not only a key driver for growth and differentiation in the B2B business world, but an essential component of business sustainability.

    Join us on Wednesday, 16 October 2019 and discover how to master CX in the rapidly evolving world of B2B marketing, business development, sales and communications.

    Over a number of forum sessions facilitated by CX experts and industry leaders we’ll be covering the cutting edge of B2B CX, exploring how to better understand clients and bring them positive and engaging experiences at every touch point and interaction in their journey with your brand.

    Event details

    Date Wednesday, 16 October 2019
    Time Conference:  12:00 pm to 6:00 pm 
    Cocktail party: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
    Forum Venue

    GHD, Level 8, 145 Ann Street Brisbane QLD 4000


    ICON Members AUD495 
    Non Members AUD795 
    ICON Members - Cocktail Party Only AUD85 
    Non Member - Cocktail Party Only AUD170 

    For group bookings (5 or more people) please contact our events team.

    ICON thanks conference sponsors:


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17 October 2018 ICON - Annual General Meeting 2018
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30 August 2018 ICON WA: How to Use Client Experience and Empathy Mapping to Boost Client Insights
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23 August 2018 ICON VIC: Impact Matters - How do you gain the competitive edge in your next Presentation?
22 August 2018 ICON QLD in partnership with Katanya presents: the Digital Decoded Series - Enhancing the customer experience through digital advancements
22 August 2018 ICON NSW: 2018 Next Step Session 4 – Communicating value and effective storytelling
01 August 2018 ICON QLD: Sponsorships and Partnerships – What’s In It For You?
10 July 2018 ICON NSW: 2018 Next Step Session 3 – Presenting with impact
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05 June 2018 ICON WA: Business Bootcamp - Cash is King
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30 May 2018 ICON NSW: 2018 Next Step Session 2 – Tips and tricks for giving and receiving feedback
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10 May 2018 ICON Melbourne Forum 2018 Cocktail Party
10 May 2018 ICON Melbourne Forum 2018 – full day event plus cocktail party
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30 November 2017 ICON QLD: Next Steps - Silence is not always a virtue – how to get your good ideas heard
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18 October 2017 ICON - Annual General Meeting 2017
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26 September 2017 ICON SA: It's a match! How to build relationships
22 September 2017 ICON NSW: Next Step Session 4 – The Power of Human Connection to create Resilience
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20 September 2017 ICON QLD: Creativity, and how to do it!
20 September 2017 ICON VIC: Getting Things Done®: Increase your productivity while reducing stress
14 September 2017 ICON VIC: 2017 VIC Trivia Night SOLD OUT!!
13 September 2017 ICON VIC: Next Step Session 4: How to Form a Strategic Mindset, Starting at Your Desk
12 September 2017 ICON QLD: Pumping up profit – how marketers can think & act like a CEO
06 September 2017 ICON NSW: Clients are talking… but are they being heard (and are we really listening)?
01 September 2017 ICON VIC: Mentoring Program and Launch Party
01 September 2017 ICON NSW: Digital Dimensions: Hello… is it me you’re looking for?
31 August 2017 ICON NSW: CONNECT Networking Lunch 4 - Advisers/Executives CONNECT
31 August 2017 ICON QLD: Next Step Session 2 – Creating a career development action plan
24 August 2017 ICON WA: Launch Party
24 August 2017 ICON VIC: Connect Networking Lunch - Content Managers
17 August 2017 ICON QLD: The Art of Storytelling
09 August 2017 ICON VIC: Next Step Session 3: Life Without A Capability Statement
08 August 2017 ICON NSW: Shifting the focus – Marketing ideas for Associates, Seniors and Managers
04 August 2017 ICON SA: Launch Party
26 July 2017 ICON QLD: Driving & Sustaining Key Account Management
18 July 2017 ICON SA: Practical use of digital marketing and social media for professional services
13 July 2017 ICON NSW: Next Step Session 3: Design thinking – making sense of the hype (interactive session)
12 July 2017 ICON VIC: Next Step Session 2 - Building your Career Path: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Panel Discussion
01 July 2017 ICON NSW 2017 Mentoring Program
21 June 2017 ICON VIC: 2017 Next Step Program Session 1
15 June 2017 ICON Melbourne Forum 2017: Full Program and Schedule, Cocktail Party Only Tickets
07 June 2017 ICON WA: Making You and Your Firm Fit for the Future + Speed Networking
02 June 2017 ICON NSW: CONNECT Lunch 2 - Client Relationship Managers
30 May 2017 APSMA QLD: Learn to Make Your Own Video
18 May 2017 APSMA NSW: CONNECT Lunch 1- Event Organisers and Event Marketers
18 May 2017 APSMA NSW: Next Step Session 2 - Building and Enhancing your Personal Brand: Ask the Panel!
08 May 2017 APSMA SA: Outperforming through Client Experience Excellence
05 May 2017 APSMA NSW Digital Dimensions: The War of Attention – How to Capture your Audience with Inbound Marketing
04 May 2017 APSMA VIC: Connect Lunch | Client Feedback
19 April 2017 APSMA VIC: eDM - Getting it right and getting it read in 2017
12 April 2017 APSMA SA: Understand the complexities of the digital landscape for professional services
06 April 2017 APSMA NSW: #BeBoldForChange – Continuing the Conversation
04 April 2017 APSMA Masterclass: Successful Premium Pricing
28 March 2017 APSMA NSW: Next Step session 1 - Trend alert: Breaking down the professional services buzzwords
28 March 2017 APSMA NSW: 2017 Next Step Program
22 March 2017 APSMA VIC: Shifting the Focus - Marketing Ideas for Associates, Seniors and Managers
16 March 2017 APSMA VIC: Connect Lunch - Client Relationship Managers
15 March 2017 APSMA WA: Seminar and Breakfast - Creating Opportunities for Yourself and Others
14 March 2017 ICON QLD: Next Step Program 2017
14 March 2017 APSMA QLD: Next Step 1: Speed Mentoring
09 March 2017 APSMA VIC Committee: Connect Lunch - Communication Managers (Internal)
28 February 2017 APSMA QLD: Rethinking Your 2017 Digital Strategy
08 December 2016 APSMA NSW: Christmas Party 2016
07 December 2016 APSMA Qld: Christmas Party - Celebrate The End of Another Busy Year
07 December 2016 APSMA Qld: Leveraging client insights
30 November 2016 APSMA VIC: Christmas Party 2016!
23 November 2016 APSMA WA: End of Year Sundowner Social Networking Event
22 November 2016 APSMA Webinar: Client Centricity – How to Execute and Measure ROI
17 November 2016 APSMA VIC: Toolkit Series – Client Panel.
15 November 2016 APSMA QLD: Social Media – Finding Value in the Hype
02 November 2016 APSMA SA: End of year celebrations - Twilight at Adelaide Oval
27 October 2016 Australia & New Zealand Conference 2016 - Conference and Cocktail Party
26 October 2016 APSMA - Annual General Meeting 2016
19 October 2016 APSMA QLD: Next Step 4 - Leadership discussion: earning a seat at the table
19 October 2016 APSMA NSW: Next Step - Presenting with impact
13 October 2016 APSMA Vic: Advanced Dinner
13 October 2016 APSMA VIC: Connect Networking Next Step Lunch
12 October 2016 APSMA QLD: Shifting the Focus - Marketing ideas for Associates, Seniors and Managers
04 October 2016 APSMA WA Roundtable Event: Shifting the Focus - Marketing ideas for associates, seniors and managers
28 September 2016 APSMA WA: Networking Event - Top Ten LinkedIn Tips
15 September 2016 APSMA VIC: Connect – Tender/Bids Lunch
14 September 2016 APSMA SA: The State Brand – From awareness to meaning
14 September 2016 APSMA VIC: Next Step - Building your professional network
12 September 2016 APSMA NSW Next Step: Writing to win!
08 September 2016 APSMA VIC: Connect - Small firm BD and Marketing Managers
07 September 2016 APSMA QLD: Next Step 3 - Find your networking groove
31 August 2016 APSMA NSW Next Step: Networking Your Way from Now to WOW!
31 August 2016 APSMA VIC Toolkit series: Partnering for success - The joys and challenges of multi-firm pursuits
19 August 2016 APSMA SA: Personal brand - what do you want people to say about you?
18 August 2016 APSMA VIC: Connect - Digital Marketing
17 August 2016 APSMA WA: How to Manage the Modern Media Landscape
09 August 2016 APSMA VIC: Next Step - All about the dollar$: Financial and business acumen
05 August 2016 APSMA NSW Next Step: Increasing your impact – techniques for influencing senior people
05 August 2016 APSMA NSW: 2016 Next Step Program
27 July 2016 APSMA Webinar: What drives favourability? How have General Counsel and their legal teams been evolving?
27 July 2016 APSMA VIC: Positioning Stakeholders as Thought Leaders – How to Use Social Media to Maximise Success
21 July 2016 APSMA VIC: Connect - Event Organisers and Event Marketers
21 July 2016 APSMA VIC: Connect - Networking Lunches
20 July 2016 APSMA 1 Day Masterclass: Storytelling for Leaders
12 July 2016 APSMA VIC: Next Step - Business writing
01 July 2016 APSMA VIC: Mentoring Program
30 June 2016 APSMA Qld: Digital Stream – Disrupt to survive. Innovate to thrive
23 June 2016 APSMA Qld Next Step: What does it take to be a person of influence
08 June 2016 APSMA WA: Tips and Tricks for B2B Social Media Marketing Success
07 June 2016 APSMA Vic: Next Step - Tendering 103: Winning work
06 June 2016 APSMA SA: Having a Powerful Presence
02 June 2016 APSMA Asia: 2016 Asia Conference - Navigate
26 May 2016 APSMA NSW - Autumn drinks - Come and have 'chips and a chat'
13 May 2016 APSMA NSW: The Legal 500
11 May 2016 APSMA Vic: 2016 Next Step Program
11 May 2016 APSMA Vic: Next Step - What you wish you had known - panel session
05 May 2016 APSMA Vic: Trivia Night 2016
27 April 2016 APSMA Qld: Digital Stream - Content Chaos, are you ready to disrupt?
21 April 2016 APSMA Qld: Next Step 1 Building resilience in times of change
21 April 2016 APSMA QLD: Next Step Program 2016
19 April 2016 APSMA Vic: Toolkit Session - Mindfulness
14 April 2016 APSMA SA: The secret to online PR success
31 March 2016 APSMA WA: The Reality of Value-Based Pricing in the Professions
17 March 2016 APMSA Vic: Digital: Choosing the right digital channel for your campaign
15 March 2016 APSMA Masterclass: Winning work in the age of procurement
09 March 2016 APSMA Vic Toolkit - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Navigating Corporate Politics
10 February 2016 APSMA SA: Digital disruption, the next step - is your business embracing the… "user driven apocalypse"?
09 December 2015 APSMA Qld: Kick off the festive season at the APSMA Christmas Party!
04 December 2015 APSMA Qld: Next Steps: Clients and Relationship Management - Metrics and Measurement
26 November 2015 APSMA NSW: The future of video for professional services
25 November 2015 APSMA Qld - Technical Toolkit Series: What winners do differently
19 November 2015 APSMA Vic: Christmas Party 2015!
19 November 2015 APSMA SA: Masterclass - Creating Client Value in Professional Services
19 November 2015 APSMA NSW: Leveraging LinkedIn
12 November 2015 APSMA Vic: Digital Series - The ABC's of SEO
11 November 2015 APSMA WA: End of Year Sundowner - Social Networking Event
28 October 2015 APSMA NSW: The value of your firm’s value proposition
28 October 2015 APSMA Qld: Next Steps - Project Management in Marketing
22 October 2015 Australia & New Zealand Conference 2015 - Conference and Cocktail Party
14 October 2015 APSMA Vic: Implementation of Client Feedback Methods - A pragmatic approach to client surveys
14 October 2015 APSMA NSW: Shifting the Focus: Marketing ideas for Associates, Seniors and Managers
07 October 2015 APSMA SA: Demystifying privacy laws for marketers
30 September 2015 APSMA Vic: Implementation of Client Feedback Methods
30 September 2015 APSMA Vic: Implementation of Client Feedback Methods - Best Practice Client Feedback
29 September 2015 APSMA NSW – Digital automation for professional services marketing
16 September 2015 APSMA QLD - Technical Toolkit Series: Search engine optimisation, something everyone owns
09 September 2015 APSMA VIC - Next Step 6 The art of tendering
27 August 2015 Postponed: APSMA NSW - Thirsty Thursday Reconnect with your colleagues!
26 August 2015 APSMA VIC - Digital Series Social Media Marketing: Maximise your digital ROI and utilise sophisticated digital selling with sponsored social media activity.
18 August 2015 APSMA VIC - Short Black series Dîner en Blanc: Building an event from the ground up
12 August 2015 APSMA SA - Communication on the move – how do you connect and engage in a mobile world?
06 August 2015 APSMA QLD - The good, the bad, and the ugly: Navigating corporate politics
05 August 2015 APSMA VIC - Next Step 5 Embrace the benefits of social media as a marketing tool
31 July 2015 APSMA VIC - Winter Drinks 2015!
23 July 2015 APSMA VIC - Digital Series: Engaging with your Digital Customer
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